Broken Heart

Sometimes it's better to be alone.  
No one 
can hurt you that way.

sometimes you have to lose the things that you love .. i miss him , i wanna scream for him so he can hear it .
I used to believe love has happy ending that no matter how long or how far we may go , love won't fade away . I thought love is with me and I had found the right guy for me .But, for all I know , all thoughts would burst like a bubble .It's hold to accept the fact that things change .. feelings and people ..
One day , someone that you love will suddenly realized he doesn't love you anymore and that he has to go .
it's hurt enough to know that his feelings had fade but it hurts more when you know you're not ready to say goodbye and set him free .

i always think of you late at night , remembering his faces , the way he looks at me , the way he makes me feel i am loved. Few days or weeks or months had passed , still i am here .. LONELY and ALONE .
he never realized how i am hurting .. inside and out !
what do you do when the only one person that can make you stop hurting is the one who hurt you at the first place ?i hate the way i could never hate you .

I just want to know why my dreams don't come true ? what happened to my happy ending ?
he held me up so high then when i'm about to fell he didn't catch me . I remember those things he used to make me smile but for same reason when i think of it now , it break my heart ..</3 , no more crying , i can't cry anymore .

When i told him i love him before , he said it back .. but now i wonder , did he ever mean it ??
it sucks when the one person you want to hate the most , is the person whom you love the most .
I though love was about loving the one you love and making them smile then I realized it is about waiting for someone to break your heart .

I wish getting him out of my mind is just easy as pushing the delete button . I wasn't prepared for him to say he dont love me , i just assumed and it hurts enough to know that my assumption is RIGHT !
Love is just so ironic .. we always fall in love with the people who break our heart .

when i think about the past , i think of you and me , the moment we shared together even if its been in short span of time . I know in myself I was happy but , as i make my way through the present i feel the pain .
the moment you left and gave up , the time when you realized you don't need me anymore , tears flow down in my eyes and i'm sorry if i can't help it .
If one day you realize that i haven't talked to you in a while its not because i don't care anymore , its because you pushed me away and just left me there .

Sometimes , forgetting someone is the best thing you can do even if it means losing memories and sometimes saying goodbye is better than saying hello .
i didnt choose to like you , didnt choose to love you , but i choose to move on and let you go .
i think its time to let you go ..


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